Advocacy of Care

by Jessica Reuter

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Advocacy of Care by Jessica Reuter is from the course Management of Care. It contains the following chapters:

    • Advocacy in Nursing
    • Types of Advocacy
    • Challenges and Barriers
    • Objectives

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. To influence issues that affect individuals or groups.
    2. To limit the choices of individuals or groups.
    3. To inform others what is best for them.
    4. To protect the best interest of the nursing profession.
    1. No issues to address.
    2. Lack of knowledge of how to address issues.
    3. Lack of time.
    4. Fear of retaliation.
    1. Meeting with your supervisor to discuss your concerns.
    2. Refusing to work the overtime.
    3. Commiserating with other employees.
    4. Accept that is the way things are going to be

    Author of lecture Advocacy of Care

     Jessica Reuter

    Jessica Reuter

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    By Chrizelda L. on 11. April 2017 for Advocacy of Care

    It is perfect, not only this video but the entire lesson. However, I think my internet is a little bit slow which made the playing of the video not continuous. But it is amazing.

    This was a perfect lecture
    By Odak S. on 03. February 2017 for Advocacy of Care

    This was a perfect lecture. Jessica Spellman teaches so well in simple terms. I would really recommend this to my classmates, all healthcare workers who care about their patients and their profession.

    I love the teaching …
    By Adeyefa A. on 03. May 2016 for Advocacy of Care

    I love the teaching thanks.