Acrochordon (Skin Tag)

by Stephen Holt, MD, MS

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    00:01 Alright, so let's start with acrochordon, also called a skin tag.

    00:05 These are very common, benign, skin-colored polyps shown here on the right.

    00:10 They're more common in elderly patients unlike our fairly young patient and you'll often see them in the obese and those with acanthosis nigricans or folks with insulin resistance.

    00:21 They're found in flexural creases like the axilla, the flexural creases of the neck, occasionally in the groin.

    00:28 Strictly speaking, our patient's lesions are not in the groin creases.

    00:32 They're on the shaft of the penis.

    00:34 And moreover, our patient is not old or obese so it really seems much less likely.

    00:40 That being said, if this was acrochordons, you treat them by simply snipping them off if patients are particulary concerned about them or you can use cryosurgery as well.

    00:49 More often than not though, we just leave them alone.

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    Stephen Holt, MD, MS

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