Abducens Nerve (CN VI)

by Darren Salmi, MD, MS

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    00:01 Cranial nerve VI is going to have its nuclei in the pons.

    00:05 And it's actually going to go inside the cavernous sinus on its way to the superior orbital fissure and then go through the common tendinous ring to innervate the lateral rectus muscle.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Abducens Nerve (CN VI) by Darren Salmi, MD, MS is from the course Neurovasculature of the Head.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Pons
    2. Medulla
    3. Hindbrain
    4. Forebrain
    5. Cerebellum
    1. Lateral rectus
    2. Medial rectus
    3. Inferior rectus
    4. Superior rectus
    5. Superior oblique

    Author of lecture Abducens Nerve (CN VI)

     Darren Salmi, MD, MS

    Darren Salmi, MD, MS

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