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Save Time,
Boost Scores

Practical Guidance for Health Professions Educators

How can you save time and increase your focus as a healthcare educator?

Every year there are more demands landing at the feet of educators. New technologies, increased administrative responsibilities, major institutional rearrangements, and disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic can make it feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. With limited resources and mounting pressure, managing your time as an educator has never been more important.

Hosted by Dr. Adonis Wazir, our latest interactive demo session will show you how you can deploy the Lecturio platform to conserve your time and focus on what really matters. With Lecturio, you could cut class preparation time by up to 60% for content delivery and active learning design with our curated videos and spaced repetition resources. In addition, learn how to diagnose the root cause of your students’ academic struggles in up to 50% less time. Don’t miss this opportunity to streamline your teaching— reserve your space now!

Wednesday, 19 July, 2023
11:00 PT | 14:00 ET | 20:00 CEST

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