Celebrating Nurses Week

60 Days Free Access and a Chance to Win Lecturio for Your Class

Join the Lecturio educator group for 60 days of free access. Three educators will win a full Nursing Course of their choice for their entire class next semester.

Register by 31 May, 2023. Read the full terms and conditions. By registering you are agreeing to receive communications from Lecturio.

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Nursing Educators, We See You

Thank you for the vital role you play in shaping the future of nursing and our healthcare system.

During Nurses Week, we want to take a moment to celebrate you and all that you do. This year's theme is "Our Nurses. Our Future," and we believe that you are at the heart of that future. To help support and honor your work, we want to make your job as educators easier by giving you free faculty access to Lecturio, and a chance to have our platform in your classroom for you and all your students during the Fall Semester.

Benefits of Joining our Educator Group

60 Days Access to Our Nursing Curriculum

All nursing educators who register will receive 60 days of free faculty access to Lecturio’s nursing platform, including curriculum for RN and LPN programs.

  • Reduce class prep time and target your teaching
  • Access to challenging and secure NGN Qbank
  • Curriculum inspiration for struggling students

Win a Nursing Course for the Fall Semester

Three educators will be selected to receive free access to a Lecturio Nursing Course of their choice for themselves and all their students during the Fall Semester 2023. Choose from one of our top Nursing Courses:

  • Free institutional-level access with all curriculum and content formats for your chosen course
  • Platform training & support for you and your students
  • Choose from Pharmacology, Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology, Maternity Nursing and Care of the Childbearing Family, Fundamental Clinical Skills, or Mental Health

Your Digital Teaching Assistant

Lecturio Makes Your Job Easier By Saving You Time ...

*Based on self-reported Nurse Faculty information

Preparation time for content delivery and active learning design with curated video and spaced repetition resources*

Less time to diagnose root cause of student’s academic struggle using Admin Dashboard*

Less time to complete mid-term failure documentation and individualized plans for improvement*

...and Helping Your Students Score Higher

Students who used Lecturio scored on average 124 points higher (19.79%) than students who did not use Lecturio on the HESI Pharm Exam.

The Lecturio group didn’t just improve over the group that did not use the Lecturio course— Additionally, the Lecturio user group raised their standardized exam scores higher than the national average.

Group using Lecturio Pharm course:

HESI Pharm Mean Score

 64%  scored above 850

Group that did not use Lecturio:

HESI Pharm Mean Score

 27%  scored above 900

Group using Lecturio Pharm course:

HESI Pharm Mean Score
 64%  scored above 850

Group that did not use Lecturio:

HESI Pharm Mean Score

27% scored above 850

The Entire Nursing Curriculum in All Key Learning Formats

3,000+ High-End Videos

Short, engaging videos on relevant topics

3,800+ NGN-Style Qbank Questions

with concise explanations and interlinked video lessons

7,500+ Recall Questions​

using a spaced repetition algorithm and adaptive review

Tailored Study Plans

step-by-step Learning Paths created by Lecturio experts

Covering the Most Challenging Nursing Courses

Pharmacology (Nursing)

400+ Videos | 1000+ Questions

Maternity Nursing and Care of the Childbearing Family

180+ Videos | 450+ Questions

Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology

700+ Videos | 1600+ Questions

Fundamentals of Nursing: Theory

180+ Videos | 450+ Questions

Mental Health

150+ Videos | 500+ Questions

See What Educators Have to Say

Frequently asked questions

By joining the group before 31 May 2023, you’ll receive 60 days of free access to the Lecturio Nurse Faculty platform. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win a free nursing course of your choice (from a pre-selected list of 5) for you and your entire class in the Fall 2023 semester.

In addition, you’ll have access to a sample of our NGN resources, receive priority invitations to our Nursing workshops and seminars, and get the latest news and updates from the Lecturio Nursing Insider and Learning Science Leader newsletters.

Simply fill out and submit the form at the top of the page to join the group.

You’ll receive full access to a generic nursing school space on the Lecturio platform, including all RN, LPN, and NP curriculum in all available learning formats, such as videos, Next Generation NCLEX resources and questions, Qbanks, recall questions, concept pages, and clinical cases.

No, there is no purchase required to register for our nursing educators group, and no payment information is required.
You’ll receive an email with additional information after you register. Your access may take up to 3 business days to begin, and the 60-day free access period will begin only after your access has started.
No, your students will not have access to Lecturio during the free faculty access period, as your access takes place in a generic faculty environment, and therefore we do not sync any of your student data.
No, there is no obligation to continue using Lecturio after the free access period ends, and access will be revoked. A member of our sales team will reach out to you to discuss tailored options for continuing your access.

Those working directly in the education of nursing students, including faculty, administrators, and deans.

The winners can select one of the following courses: Pharmacology, Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology, Maternity Nursing and Care of the Childbearing Family, Fundamental Clinical Skills, Mental Health.

Winners will be announced by 30 June 2023.

We’ll email the educators who have been selected for the free nursing course at the email address provided in the registration form.

We’ll work with the winners to determine the most appropriate time to start and end their access, but typically access is available from mid-July to the end of December.

All students who the educator has in their chosen course will be given free access to Lecturio.

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