Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Nursing Student Success with Lecturio at ORU

Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Nursing Student Success with Lecturio at ORU

Read how the integration of Lecturio into Dr. Valentz's Pathophysiology nursing course at ORU changed the learning outcomes of students by overcoming the limitations of traditional methods and improving engagement and performance.



In a case study at Oral Roberts University (ORU), Assistant Professor of Nursing Rachael Valentz encountered significant challenges in improving the academic performance of her students, with traditional teaching methods failing to address the learning needs of approximately 60% of the cohort. Despite extensive efforts, including individual coaching and enhanced resources, students struggled with the complexity of scientific concepts, leading to a reliance on memorization rather than genuine understanding. The introduction of Lecturio, an educational platform based on learning science-proven techniques, marked a critical turning point, offering visual explanations, quizzes, and analytics that supported more effective learning strategies and allowed for personalized student support. This new approach resulted in noticeable improvements in student engagement and outcomes, demonstrating the potential of innovative educational tools to transform teaching practices and enhance student learning experiences.

Teaching Challenges Limit Student Success

At Oral Roberts University (ORU), Professor Rachael Valentz encountered significant challenges in facilitating effective learning for her 80+ nursing students. Employing traditional lectures to teach foundational pathophysiology, she observed that nearly 60% of her students were underperforming on exams. The root of the problem lay in the students’ difficulty in comprehending complex scientific topics and their struggles with effective reading and study techniques for dense textbook content. Despite Professor Valentz’s attempts at individual coaching, recording lectures, and extended office hours, it was evident that students were resorting to memorization rather than gaining a profound understanding of the material.

Key Statistics on Student Performance Issues:

  • 60% exam underperformance
  • Roughly 30% correlation between Lecturio video engagement and exam grades
  • 3 hours/week of supplemental one-on-one coaching still ineffective

“I was trying everything, from additional lectures to group reviews, but the progress was minimal. It felt like an uphill battle,” Professor Valentz reflected. She initially underestimated the severity of student gaps, attempting “band-aid” solutions like supplemental lectures, group reviews, longer office hours, and recording lectures. Despite the increased effort, students continued to see little progress.

Integrated Solution Transforms Teaching & Learning

The breakthrough came with the introduction of Lecturio, a video platform that transformed how core science concepts were delivered and understood. Lecturio’s visual explanations and built-in quizzes offered repetitive practice, reinforcing key ideas and addressing the foundational gaps in students’ knowledge.

Most importantly, Lecturio’s approach furnished the foundational knowledge Professor Valentz determined students severely lacked. She reflected, “They actually learn how to learn with Lecturio, and that alone is a foundational principle.”

Utilizing the platform’s analytics, Professor Valentz could track student engagement with assignments in the platform and quiz performance to identify struggling learners early, customizing further support. This enabled her to focus classroom time on activities that promote deeper understanding.

Measurable Improvements in Comprehension & Outcomes

Tangible Improvements and Predictive Insights: An in-depth statistical analysis revealed a strong correlation (.75) between students’ accuracy in Lecturio quizzes and their exam grades. This insight enabled Professor Valentz to identify and support both high performers and those struggling.

“When we look holistically at improvements in exam averages and hear struggling students express foundational knowledge, the videos clearly provided concepts this group previously severely lacked,” Professor Valentz concluded. “When we look holistically at improvements in exam averages and the foundational knowledge that students, who were previously struggling, bring to the classroom, the videos clearly enabled learning of concepts this group severely lacked.”

Exam data analysis

Summary of Video Engagement Impact on Student Performance

Analyzing video watching trends in Lecturio revealed a correlation between the time underperforming nursing students spent on the platform and their exam scores. A notable correlation of .47 was observed, indicating that increased engagement with Lecturio’s video content directly related to improved exam results. This finding was particularly impactful for students who had previously experienced disappointing academic outcomes, marking a substantial breakthrough in their learning process.

Adopting Lecturio’s spaced repetition methodology, Professor Valentz recorded impressive program-wide results:

  • Nearly 13% increase in average exam grades
  • Over 3,000 minutes of video content consumed per semester
  • Student satisfaction rates are higher than before

Today, over 300 nursing students reap benefits at ORU, with seniors demonstrating stronger retention and critical thinking skills. Students praise Lecturio’s anytime accessibility and customizable study tools.

Professor Valentz concludes, “It’s drastically changed the atmosphere in the classroom. Use the product, and you’ll get buy-in. Once you do, it’s an easy sell.”

Course intervention

The Future Is Bright with Lecturio

Thanks to the solution Lecturio provided, Professor Valentz is optimistic about further gains for her program. She aims to continue driving higher engagement amongst all students to maximize outcomes.

Several new active learning initiatives also show early promise, according to Professor Valentz:

  • Small group “video review” sessions where students teach key concepts to peers
  • Personalized remediation plans for struggling learners based on usage analytics
  • Building a video knowledge bank, allowing seniors to reference foundations needed in advanced courses

Professor Valentz also believes consistent use of Lecturio across ORU’s broader nursing curriculum will provide students with an even more seamless learning experience. Finding ways to further leverage platform analytics for predictive insights excites her as well.

“I don’t just deliver content through lecture,” Professor Valentz reflected. “It was like a whole breath of fresh air.” Thanks to Lecturio, the possibilities seem endless.

Demonstrating Value to Administrators

Analytics also enable Professor Valentz to showcase Lecturio’s value to administrators. “I think you can use the analytics a lot to see how it’s benefiting your program,” she stated.

For example, during conversations about admission scores or student outcomes, Professor Valentz leverages engagement data. “We can show that students who are using Lecturio as one of their learning resources are doing well. It provides an explanation for what we see in the classroom,” she said.

This data-driven insight relieves pressure on educators. According to Professor Valentz, “Data never accessible before is at our fingertips. Use it to communicate with administrators when you want to have a change.”

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