Lecturio Nursing Educator Webinar

Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching ABSN Students

About this Webinar

ABSN programs present unique challenges to both students and faculty. Studies have found that ABSN degrees have higher attrition rates, and are more diverse in life experience, age, gender, and ethnicity than traditional nursing programs. Even predicting success has been found to be different, in that a correlation between preadmission science scores may not be the most accurate gauge of NCLEX success for ABSN students.

Join us for a collegial discussion, offering you tailor-made strategies for the success of ABSN students and the faculty who lead them.

Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching ABSN Students

Meet the Host

Rhonda lawes

Rhonda Lawes, PhD(c), RN

  • Director of Nursing Education at Lecturio
  • Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing in Oklahoma, USA
  • Award-winning, certified nurse educator (CNE) and PhD(c) in Educational Psychology