Lecturio Nursing Educator Webinar

Active Learning: How to Engage Your Students

About this Webinar

Active learning has been shown to support and foster students’ engagement, metacognitive abilities, and long term recall of learned concepts. In the upcoming webinar, I will share some insights into active learning and its application in nursing education.

We will review how elaboration, generation, and reflection work, including some concrete examples of how they can be applied in your classrooms. We will also discuss how technology can enhance and support the application of these techniques, including how it can monitor their impact.

Active Learning: How to Engage Your Students

Meet the Host

Rhonda lawes

Rhonda Lawes, PhD(c), RN

  • Director of Nursing Education at Lecturio
  • Currently teaching in BSN program with emphasis on nursing research and advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology
  • Award-winning, certified nurse educator and PhD(c) in educational psychology with over 30 years of experience as a nurse