Lecturio Durable Learning Seminar

Active Learning: Augment Student Engagement and Understanding

About this Seminar

This online seminar will focus on active learning as an educational toolkit of evidence-based techniques that engages students in dynamic learning approaches and promotes better retention of critical medical knowledge. Active learning not only fosters students’ engagement and metacognitive abilities, it also helps students enhance their mental schemas and connect new knowledge to the previously learned concepts. In this session, we will explore the science behind the educational practices of elaboration, generation, and reflection, which are especially effective in education of future health professionals, and suggest practical applications for physical and digital classrooms. 
We hope this session will empower faculty and students to implement these important learning strategies. The one-hour seminar session will be followed by separate focused 30 minute demo sessions which will help attendees see how the Lecturio platform can be used to facilitate the implementation of these strategies. If you are interested in attending this additional session please indicate that on the seminar registration form by checking the box.

Active Learning: Augment Student Engagement and Understanding

January 26, 2022

9:00 PST | 12:00 EST | 18:00 CET

Meet the Host

Peter Horneffer, M.D. Executive Dean, All American Institute of Medical Sciences, Jamaica Director of Medical Education, Lecturio Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Maryland, U.S.
Dr peter horneffer