AI-Powered Features

Save Faculty Time and Boost Student Confidence
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Institutions globally are utilizing AI to shape the future of healthcare and reduce the heavy demands on their educators. We're excited to introduce Lecturio's new AI features, designed to ease faculty workload and enrich the learning experience.
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AI Tutor

Boost critical thinking and study skills in your students

Introducing our revolutionary AI Tutor, a sophisticated system integrated seamlessly into Lecturio’s platform. Unlike any other medical QBank, our AI Tutor provides personalized coaching to students, helping them reach the correct answers without simply handing them the solutions. It’s akin to having a personal tutor by your students’ side, fostering improved exam confidence and honing their clinical reasoning skills.

AI Question Generator

Write accurate, challenging questions faster than ever

Crafting high-quality questions is now simpler than ever with Lecturio’s AI-powered question generator in 15 possible languages. With a single click, educators can effortlessly create tailored questions to populate institutional QBanks, facilitating personalized study materials for students. Say goodbye to the arduous task of question creation and hello to streamlined workflows and enhanced student engagement.

Tracking assignments and analyse

Your Digital Teaching Assistant

Curious to see how Lecturio’s AI features can transform your teaching approach? A member of our partnership team is always available to provide a personalized demonstration tailored to your institution’s unique needs.

We also have a variety of resources available to assist educators with the responsible implementation of AI in their teaching. To access these resources, simply fill out the form below and we will send them via email.