Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Take a look at ZE Syndrome, Zollinger−Ellison. In Endocrinology, our discussion of Zollinger−Ellison will be in greater detail. It’s a gastrinoma. And this gastrinoma is located in the pancreas perhaps. It could be at organs as well and part of MEN−1 It’s a hypersecretion of gastrin from tumors in the pancreas or perhaps in the wall of the duodenum. It is a gastrinoma. How is it possible that you have a gastrinoma outside of the stomach when gastrin physiologically is coming out of the G cells of the antrum of the stomach? It’s a cancer, it’s a malignancy; it can do whatever it darn well pleases. What are you looking for with ZE Syndrome? Ulcerations. Ulceration is not only in the stomach. Then you have, think of this with being like a lava when a volcanic eruption has taken place. When a volcano blows out lava, everything that it encounters in front of it is going to be obliterated. So here’s my acid that’s being produced in great quantity from your parietal cell; I don’t care where a gastrin is being released or where it’s coming from, it’s always going to work on your parietal cell. That’s where you form acid, period. So all these acids that’s being formed in great quantity will come out from the stomach into the duodenum and kill everything in it’s path. So you might have issues of gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers. Have you studied separately peptic ulcer disease of the jejunum? No. Peptic ulcer disease either in the gastric or in the duodenum. But if you, by chance, look for or your symptom description of an ulcer down in the jejunum, high on your differential should be gastrinoma or Zollinger−Ellison. Is that clear? Now there’s also diarrhea that is involved, the secretory type, because...

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