You Got Yourself an Interview: Dress and Conduct (LPN)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 Well, you got an interview. Congratulations. Now, you just have to close the deal.

    00:09 I know this is stressful, but here are a few tips to consider to make sure you're presenting your best self for the interview.

    00:18 I want to start by saying these things do matter. First impressions really make a difference.

    00:26 So, first off, when you're talking about an interview, do not be late - be at least 15 minutes early.

    00:36 This shows that you're respectful of your potential employer's time, and, honestly, they're busy.

    00:44 And if you have never physically been to your interview location, leave your house with plenty of time to make sure you know where you are going.

    00:53 And bonus if you get there early, this leaves time for you to park, decompress, and collect yourself before going in to the interview.

    01:03 It's also not a bad idea, just to have a physical copy of your resume with you.

    01:08 It just shows that you're prepared and in all the paperwork that sometimes managers have setting on their desks, it's nice to have one if we can't find one of your copies for some reason, in all the chaos that we have on our desk.

    01:24 And let's talk about interview dress.

    01:27 I must going to be honest.

    01:28 If you show up in jeans and in t-shirt and tennis shoes, it just doesn't make me feel as though you're really invested or really taking this interview seriously.

    01:40 Professional dress, shows that you are making effort and you really want this job. So dress appropriately. Think, business casual.

    01:50 I know it seems odd that maybe I have to say this, but ensure that you're adequately covered, meaning, slacks are a great professional look.

    01:59 Maybe a longer dress, not super-short for example.

    02:03 Blazers look really nice on men, on women.

    02:07 Ties are great. Long-sleeved shirts are also great. Just make sure that you look put together.

    02:14 Now, I know, some of these items could be kind of expensive.

    02:18 But even places like your local thrift store, for example, actually carry great options for interviews, believe it or not. It doesn't matter if it's high fashion.

    02:27 You just need to look clean and appropriate and professional.

    02:32 Now, along with professional dress, making sure your hair looks neat and clean and even off your face is great, so we can be sure that we make appropriate eye contact.

    02:43 Also, if you have facial hair, make sure this is clean and groomed and neat for your interview.

    02:49 Now, minimal jewelry and simple make-up is great.

    02:53 It's conservative and shows a professional look.

    02:57 Now, when we're talking about all together look - make sure that you look clean, it's wrinkle-free - the clothes that you wear, and we really don't want to see that you just rolled out of bed for example.

    03:09 Now, during your interview, you're sitting face to face with your potential employer.

    03:14 So sit up tall, meaning please don't slump down in your chair like too relaxed.

    03:21 Stand up tall, look people in the eye, smile, and do your best to try to relax.

    03:28 Now, let's talk about odors.

    03:30 Okay, I know this sounds odd but if you smoke, for example, this may be off-footing for your potential employer, so be cognizant of this.

    03:40 Also, chewing gum - don't get me wrong, I love gum, but that could be quite distracting when you're having a conversation with your potential employer.

    03:48 So, maybe, pitch the gum.

    03:51 Now, here's another tip. This is something that a lot of times, for an interview, we don't even think about.

    03:58 But even when you're just walking into the building when you interview, be professional and courteous to those around you.

    04:06 You'll never know who might have just saw you in the parking lot.

    04:10 You could have passed, oh, a nurse on the unit you want to work, a hiring manager, someone from Human Resources, you just never really know.

    04:19 So here's a great example of this.

    04:21 I used to show this video clip of my class of a nursing recruiter had talked about a time when he's in his office, waiting for the potential employee to come in.

    04:32 He looks out his window and see's the interviewee running in.

    04:36 Well, this person is running into the door which is fine, but he's pushing past others, even threw down his trash in the parking lot.

    04:45 It just didn't seem prepared, put together, and professional.

    04:50 Oh, and don't forget to shut off your cellphone.

    04:54 And if for some reason you cannot, just let - make sure you explained this to your potential employer.

    05:01 Such as maybe, that you are waiting on a phone call from the daycare because your child's been sick for example. Just explain this upfront.

    05:09 Now, these are just a few things to keep in mind when going to an interview and presenting your best self.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture You Got Yourself an Interview: Dress and Conduct (LPN) by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN is from the course Applying for Your First Nursing Job (LPN).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Showing up to the interview 15 minutes early.
    2. Bringing a copy of your resume.
    3. Dressing appropriately.
    4. Showing up 5 min early to the interview.
    5. Bringing a thumb drive of your resume.
    1. Ensure hair is neat.
    2. Wear minimal makeup.
    3. Ensure clothes are wrinkle-free.
    4. Wear heavy makeup.
    5. It is okay to chew gum, especially if you are nervous.

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    Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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