Why I Went to LPN School (LPN)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 Nursing school is a big commitment, and I mean big.

    00:06 It does require a lot of self-sacrifices.

    00:10 Now many times you just know when you start nursing school, you may miss out on a little bit of everything.

    00:16 This could mean time with family, with friends, fun stuff.

    00:21 Also, note, nursing school can be a little bit expensive and it's definitely time-consuming.

    00:27 So, it's really important you learn how to balance it all.

    00:30 You really have to manage your stress in nursing school which is a little bit challenging at times.

    00:36 And, while you're in school, you may just have a good chance that you're going to get hooked caffeine.

    00:42 I don't think I started drinking coffee, honestly, until I started nursing school and now, it's all over.

    00:47 Now you will also probably eat a little bit more fast food than you prefer.

    00:52 A little bit more microwavable meals that you would like.

    00:56 It's important to ask yourself why are you entering into this profession.

    01:00 Is it about money, career stability, is it about flexible scheduling? Well, it's more than that. Love for the profession.

    01:09 An LPN school is really accessible way to get there.

    01:13 Now, one thing is important to do your research.

    01:17 You may want to look into is this right for you? What's the best school to attend? Now, in this section, we're going to discuss why LPN school could be a great choice for you.

    01:27 We're also going to talk about what's the difference between LPN and an RN school.

    01:31 What's the difference between their practice roles? And important considerations before deciding if that LPN track is right for you.

    01:41 Now, I'd like to take a moment to talk about why I personally went to LPN school.

    01:45 So I initially started actually in RN school right after high school like many of us do.

    01:51 Well, then, I had a family event came up and then my mother became ill.

    01:55 Honestly, my class grades kinda started to slip for the first time in my life.

    02:00 So this kind of scared me, I wasn't used to it.

    02:03 I was getting Cs, I was passing but I knew just something wasn't right for me.

    02:08 I knew I couldn't do both well, try to be there for my family, manage school and I had to make a really tough decision to quit nursing school and move back home to help out.

    02:20 Now, there was a time when I was ready to go back to school.

    02:24 I did look back at RN programs, but, honestly, I found out that because of the inflexible scheduling, particular admission dates, and really particular prerequisites, there were just gonna be a really big and a substantial delay in earning my license, and, honestly, I was ready to go back.

    02:44 So, I did hear about a local LPN program and it was like 20 minutes away from my parents' house, so it was perfect for me.

    02:51 And this LPN program offered night classes, a self-paced program option, and really small class sizes.

    02:59 Now, the clinical and lab times were scheduled at certain times, but, the rest of it was fairly flexible which is what I needed at that time.

    03:07 I was also able to work as a CNA on weekend day shifts.

    03:12 Now, because of the flexibility of my LPN program, I was able to enter the workforce and make more money much quicker.

    03:22 Now, when I withdrew from RN school the first time around, I was so upset that I had failed at nursing school.

    03:28 But in hindsight, I realized that earning my LPN license was the best choice for me.

    03:35 And I was hired as an LPN on my acute care medical-surgical unit where I had worked previously as a CNA.

    03:42 And because of my LPN training, I was able to become confident in handling patients, or my technical-clinical skills, assessment skills, and managing a full patient load.

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    1. They usually offer self-paced learning options.
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