When Feedback Doesn't Stick (Nursing)

by Amber Vanderburg

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    00:00 What do you do when your consistent feedback or unmet expectations does not result in change or improvement of performance? Sometimes, you might have frustrations with team members, provide feedback, and not see a change.

    00:19 In these situations, you must navigate your communication for a better working environment.

    00:27 You can influence performance for the better in a few different ways.

    00:33 First, seek understanding when speaking to the person about the continued unmet performance expectations.

    00:42 The first time that you give feedback, seeking understanding is more of a holistic approach, understanding the context of the challenge or confusion.

    00:52 When feedback does not stick, ask questions specifically to understand the disconnect in the discuss improvement actions and lack of changes observed.

    01:05 Uncommunicated or unclarified expectations are likely to be unmet expectations.

    01:12 I want you to check for understanding of the action step that was agreed upon in the previous meeting.

    01:21 Identify the challenges in why that action step was not met and clarify an altered action step or reframed expectations as necessary.

    01:35 Second, don't underestimate your power to lead performance through influence.

    01:43 Simply telling somebody what to do is not the preferred method of influencing change.

    01:50 Spend some time working with the individual to story map, identify tools, model and envision what a better performance looks like.

    02:01 You can also offer help. This does not mean to take on their job. It means offer help.

    02:12 Perhaps, you have an insight, a resource, or a piece of advice that can help to champion the success of your team members.

    02:21 See if there is something that you can do to help a team member. Offer help.

    02:27 Also, don't forget to use your resources.

    02:32 Your manager is there to help your team be successful.

    02:36 If you cannot help influence the improvement of your colleagues' performance and alleviate performance frustrations, then ask your manager for assistance.

    02:47 They might have some tools and ideas that you may not know that could be of help.

    02:55 If your manager is unable to help alleviate the performance frustrations, HR is also skilled in mediating conversations and may have different or more tools and ideas to help remedy the unmet expectations.

    03:12 It may be uncomfortable to include management and HR in those frustrations, but that is exactly why they are there.

    03:23 Allow them to help you be successful.

    03:28 Confronting unmet performance expectations with a colleague when you are not in a position of leadership can be uncomfortable at times.

    03:38 So, here's what I want you to do.

    03:42 Try getting feedback one more time except this time approach the conversation as a partnership with the team member to help champion improved performance.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture When Feedback Doesn't Stick (Nursing) by Amber Vanderburg is from the course Communication in Healthcare (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Take the nurse aside and clarify if they understood the action plan discussed when feedback was initially given.
    2. Take the nurse aside and let them know that they will be let go from the unit if they do not change their behavior.
    3. Arrange a meeting between human resources and the nurse to review outcomes expectations.
    4. Discuss the situation with the nurse’s peers, with the intent of having them address the concerns to the nurse.
    1. Involve the nurse's manager.
    2. Involve occupational health.
    3. Report the colleague to their regulatory body.
    4. Request a unit transfer.

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     Amber Vanderburg

    Amber Vanderburg

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