What to Consider When Touring the Floor (Nursing)

by Amber Vanderburg

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    00:01 In most cases, you will have the opportunity to toward the unit for which you are applying to work before you begin the job.

    00:09 If you have the opportunity to tour the unit, I would strongly suggest you have a first hand look at your future workspace.

    00:20 Keep in mind, for many of us, we spend more waking hours in our workspace than our home.

    00:28 This is a big decision. And I want you to keep a few factors in mind when touring the floor.

    00:35 First, I want you to take into account the patient support.

    00:40 What is the nurse to nurse aide ratio? What is the patient to nurse ratio? What resources are available for patient support? Take note of the resources and dynamics to judge your workload and performance expectations.

    01:00 Next, observe the leadership and decision makers on the unit.

    01:06 Watch how the doctors, nurse practitioners, therapists in addition to charge nurses and supervisors lead and communicate on the floor.

    01:17 How does the unit leadership support the floor and champion their success? This will set the tone for your workplace environment and give you insight into how challenges and obstacles will be addressed in your time on the unit.

    01:37 Lastly, I want you to observe the nonverbal and verbal Look for eye-rolls, scoffs, down putting remarks, dismissing others, or lack of support.

    01:52 How does the team speak of one another? Do they lift each other up and offer support? Does the team have a strict working relationship or have a relationship outside of the job? Do you see smiles on the unit? I know it's a stressful job.

    02:11 But at some point in your interactions with others, do you see a smile or a laugh on the unit? This is a simple but really powerful observation.

    02:23 Observing the floor is a powerful way.

    02:27 You can see if the unit is a good fit for you.

    02:31 When you have the opportunity to tour the unit, be intentional to observe the patient care support, the leadership, and the communication on the floor.

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    The lecture What to Consider When Touring the Floor (Nursing) by Amber Vanderburg is from the course Transition to Nursing Practice.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. “What is the patient-to-nurse ratio on this unit?”
    2. “What is your manager’s leadership style?”
    3. “How long are the shifts?”
    4. “Do you like working here?”

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