What Does NCLEX Test Day Look Like (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 It's exam day. You have done so many exams and practice questions to get to this point, and the irony? This test day will look completely different than any other test day you have ever had before. Because it would not be a board exam if they didn't try to make it super intimidating, right? So, intimidating is what this day will look like.

    00:20 The NCLEX is administered not at your school, like all of your other exams, but instead at an External Link Pearson Professional Testing Center.

    00:29 This is so that they can have everything really monitored in a facility and photographed and they have cameras.

    00:35 And it really helps make sure that this test is standard and that nobody cheats. Major tip when it comes to the testing center.

    00:43 Drive to it a day or two beforehand.

    00:46 I promise you, you do not want to be getting lost on your way to the NCLEX.

    00:51 Again, something I did so that you do not have to.

    00:53 Drive to it before and leave early the day of because you do not want to be stressing about being late.

    01:00 Or lost.

    01:01 Or both. It was not fun.

    01:03 When you show up at the testing facility, you will need to provide your ID and your hand.

    01:09 Quite literally, they will use a palm vein to verify who you are.

    01:14 It truly is the future.

    01:16 And while you can bring other things into the building with you, any items other than yourself will need to be locked into a locker before going into the actual exam room. Most facilities will not let you wear hats, scarves, heavy coats or gloves or anything like that, but they do seem to allow sweaters and sweatshirts.

    01:33 So that's important because I want you to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and that also involves layers.

    01:40 I found that these buildings are usually quite air conditioned, so close toed shoes and like a sweater or a sweatshirt were appreciated.

    01:49 The actual room that you go into for this exam is kind of picture like a large room with a bunch of rows of computers and, like, dividers between the computers. You will be given a dry erase board or one sheet of paper, depending on your testing site, and they will let you know about, like, breaks and such that you can take during the exam.

    02:09 It is not a cozy environment.

    02:11 But you're usually, like, way too nervous to even care.

    02:13 At least I was. And it was oddly comforting seeing all the other people there for their own various exams looking just as terrified as me.

    02:23 When the exam is actually done, you will not get your results right away.

    02:28 That would be far too satisfying.

    02:30 Instead, you will feel like you definitely failed and will wander out of the building with no sense of accomplishment since you have no closure to this entire event.

    02:40 Very, very fun. But all hope is not lost, my friends.

    02:44 Some states allow you to bribe the Pearson Vue to gain unofficial results like two days after the exam.

    02:51 And even if you don't bribe them, most people usually get their results within a few business days.

    02:57 Official results are only available through your state's nursing board, and they should eventually send you a license in the mail.

    03:05 If you don't get it, you should really ask them.

    03:08 Don't be me and assume that you don't need this.

    03:10 It's hard to get much later.

    03:11 Again, trust me on that.

    03:13 But what if you don't pass the NCLEX? Let's talk about that.

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