What Are Healthcare Recruiters' Priorities? (Nursing)

by Amber Vanderburg

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    00:00 Not all recruiters are the same.

    00:03 Some have different priorities in the recruitment process.

    00:07 And depending on the route of healthcare that you choose, you might have slightly different experiences with your recruiter.

    00:14 Here are a few insights to keep in mind when you are working with your healthcare recruiter.

    00:19 You might consider travel nursing or going through an agency in your hiring process.

    00:25 Agency recruitment helps an organization's recruiters with acquiring talent in high need areas.

    00:32 Some healthcare systems will outsource an aspect of their recruiting to healthcare recruiting agencies for positions such as clinical nurse assistant or nursing.

    00:44 If you are going through an agency recruiter, then the focus on the recruitment process will likely be more position based Agency recruitment aims to effectively and timely place the best possible candidates for particular roles.

    01:04 Agency will look at your experience and areas of expertise, and then cross examine that with the healthcare system that have needs in those same areas of care.

    01:16 Agency nursing is paid through a quota system and is generally more fast paced in the hiring process.

    01:24 The priority in agency recruitment is to place you in a unit or position where you will thrive.

    01:31 In house recruiters are recruiters that are inside the organization.

    01:36 Their focus will likely be more on organizational fit.

    01:41 These recruiters will probably ask more questions about the values, opportunities for growth, and continuous education.

    01:50 They may seek practitioners that can grow into different positions within the organization and have more of a long term approach.

    02:00 The priority for organizational recruiters is to place you in an organization where you will thrive whether it be in house recruiters or agency recruiters.

    02:12 In healthcare, there is one big question in healthcare talent acquisition.

    02:18 When I began my career as a health care recruiter, one of my mentors and co-workers gave me the internal litmus test for hiring in this industry.

    02:29 As I have worked in different healthcare systems, I quickly found that this was a universal question for most healthcare recruiters.

    02:38 The question was this.

    02:41 Would I trust this person to provide care for my mother, father, sister, close relative or friend? If the answer was no, then most recruiters will pass on a candidate with a clear conscience.

    02:57 Now, this is a nice story.

    02:59 But how can we use this information as we prepare to be excellent health care providers in our communities? In your hiring process, be timely, reliable, and responsible in your responses and call to actions.

    03:17 Be ethical and show character.

    03:20 Lying, cheating, behaving disrespectfully, dodging accountability and responsibility and unprofessionalism is poor in any season of life.

    03:31 In a healthcare hiring situation, there is a massive possibility that the recruiter is thinking, would they behave this way if they were giving care to my loved ones? Do not wait till you are in the patient room to begin modeling the behavior of excellent medical professionalism throughout the hiring process.

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    The lecture What Are Healthcare Recruiters' Priorities? (Nursing) by Amber Vanderburg is from the course Transition to Nursing Practice.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Filling vacancies for specific positions.
    2. Building a talent pool for health centers that are in development.
    3. Recruiting for all positions at one health center.
    4. Hiring from within an organization.
    1. Filling different positions in the same organization.
    2. Recruiting for specific positions throughout multiple health centers.
    3. Building a talent pool for multiple health centers.
    4. Recruiting for different positions throughout multiple health centers

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