Walkthrough: Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies Q5 – NCLEX-RN®

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:01 The nurses providing instruction to a client with a diagnosis of asthma who was prescribed oral prednisone for wheezing, and dyspnea.

    00:09 Which statement by the client about the medication indicates understanding.

    00:14 Okay, it won't take us long to break down this topic.

    00:17 But we're still going to do the work before you look at the answer choices.

    00:20 So, I have someone has a diagnosis of asthma, they're going to get oral prednisone.

    00:26 Remember those descriptive words matter.

    00:28 Oral prednisone. So I know that to be a steroid.

    00:31 And they're getting that for wheezing and dyspnea.

    00:34 So which statement is about indicates understanding by the client.

    00:39 So, pause the video.

    00:41 Write down 1, 2, 3, 4 in your scratch paper.

    00:44 You work through the answer choices, and then come on back.

    00:48 We'll walk through it together.

    00:57 Welcome back.

    00:58 Let's walk through the answer choices together.

    01:01 So I remember the topic for a patient with oral prednisone for wheezing and dyspnea? Which statement indicates understanding? This medication is to decrease the inflammation in my lungs.

    01:13 Does that indicate understanding? Yeah, it does. So let's leave it in.

    01:17 Number two.

    01:19 This treatment is to fight off the bacteria causing my infection.

    01:24 No, prednisone is a steroid.

    01:26 It doesn't fight off bacteria like an antibiotic.

    01:29 If anything, it kind of suppresses my inflammatory response.

    01:33 So no, number two is out.

    01:36 Number three.

    01:38 Prednisone will loosen the secretions in my lungs so that I can cough them up.

    01:43 No, that would be something like guaifenesin.

    01:45 This isn't a mucolytic.

    01:47 Prednisone is a corticosteroid. So number three, you're out.

    01:52 What about number four? Prednisone will help relax and open my airways.

    01:55 Well, hey, they have wheezing and dyspnea.

    01:58 It would be good to open their airways.

    02:00 Yeah, it is good to open their airways.

    02:03 But prednisone is not the drug that will do it.

    02:06 So again, I can't encourage you enough to slow down.

    02:11 Make sure you're really laser focused on what the question is asking.

    02:16 And you're thinking about, what those answer choices really mean? Because number four is not correct about prednisone.

    02:23 Number one is the only possible correct answer.

    02:28 How would you do? Hey, take a victory lap if you got it right.

    02:31 If you didn't, don't stress about it.

    02:34 Think about why you chose the answer that you did? What tripped you up? What needs to be added to your notebook so it won't catch you again? Alright, now we're ready to go on to the next question.

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. “This medication works by relaxing my airway muscles.”
    2. “This medication is likely to make me drowsy.”
    3. “This medication takes around 12 hours to work.”
    4. “This medication is used to treat infection.”

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