Vestibular Glands: Bartholin Cyst & Vestibular Adenitis

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Vestibular gland is where we are.

    00:03 We’re in the outskirts of the vagina, we're by the vulvar region.

    00:07 At first, in the vestibular region, we are looking at certain glands here.

    00:12 Oftentimes in a secondhand clock, the Bartholin glands are located and described as being four o’clock and eight o’clock.

    00:19 Picture that for me, please.

    00:22 That is where, normally, these glands are located.

    00:24 What may then happen is that the duct may then become obstructed.

    00:27 And when it does so, it will undergo an inflammatory process, may become infected, and may result in an abscess formation.

    00:36 And so therefore, management of our Bartholin gland cyst would be drainage.

    00:42 It produces pain and local discomfort because of the location of a Bartholin’s cyst or gland cyst.

    00:49 Infection and abscesses, oftentimes, the organism that you might find here would be something like in the Neisseria species.

    00:58 Vestibular adenitis.

    01:00 What this means is that the vestibular gland, the vulvar vestibular gland itself is undergoing inflammation.

    01:06 Chronic, recurrent.

    01:08 And inflammation produces small ulcerations.

    01:12 This is then referred to as being your vestibular adenitis.

    01:15 The image that you’re seeing here is showing you the vulvar region in which it’s undergoing inflammation.

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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