Venous Drainage of the Foregut, Midgut, and Hindgut

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:01 So now, let's have a look at the venous drainage of the foregut.

    00:04 And we should by now be familiar with those foregut organs - esophagus, stomach, spleen, first bit of the duodenum, and the pancreas.

    00:12 So here we can see the stomach, and we can see the left gastric vein is draining the stomach, around the lesser curvature you'll be familiar with.

    00:20 We also have the right gastric vein, so very similar to the arterial distribution.

    00:25 We can see some short gastric veins are draining.

    00:28 The fundus in the body of the stomach, these are going into the splenic vein along with the left-gastro omental vein.

    00:35 And here we can see the right gastro-omental vein.

    00:38 These are draining the greater curvature.

    00:41 Here we have the abdominal esophagus, and we can see some esophageal veins are falling into this left gastric vein which will then as you see pass into the portal vein.

    00:51 So you see there is a complex network of venous drainage around this foregut.

    00:56 Some of it is very similar to the arterial distribution, and these will run together.

    01:02 Here we can just see the spleen.

    01:04 Draining from the spleen, we have the splenic vein running posterior to the pancreas that we will be familiar with by now.

    01:12 We can see the pancreas also drains into the splenic vein by way of pancreatic veins.

    01:18 And then if you remember the complicated superior pancreaticoduodenal arteries we labored over on a previous video, you can see we have similar veins here.

    01:29 So we have posterior and anterior branches of the superior pancreaticoduodenal veins and you can see these passing back into the portal vein.

    01:40 Similarly, we have the two versions of the inferior pancreaticoduodenal vein.

    01:45 And these will be draining into the superior mesenteric vein, which we'll come to in a moment.

    01:51 So the superior mesenteric vein as we've just led on will receive those inferior pancreaticoduodenal veins.

    01:59 And here we see the superior mesenteric vein.

    02:02 This is going to drain the midgut.

    02:04 So we bring up those structures of the midgut.

    02:08 Here we see the ilium and the jejunum.

    02:10 So we have ileal and jejunal veins draining into this region.

    02:15 We can also see we have the appendix and cecum.

    02:18 So we have the ileocolic vein draining this region.

    02:21 We have the ascending colon, so we have the right colic vein.

    02:25 We have the proximal two-thirds of the transverse colon.

    02:28 So we have the middle colic vein.

    02:31 These veins are draining into the superior mesenteric vein, and they're receiving venous blood from the midgut.

    02:40 Let's move on to the inferior mesenteric vein.

    02:43 And the inferior mesenteric vein is going to be draining the hindgut.

    02:47 So we have superior rectal veins.

    02:49 Draining the sigmoid colon, we have sigmoid veins.

    02:52 Draining the descending colon, and distal third of the transverse colon, we have the left colic vein.

    02:59 And these veins again are going to drain into the inferior mesenteric vein.

    03:04 So here we have all of those structures draining into their respective veins feeding back into the portal vein.

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