Using Your Network to Find Nursing Jobs (Because You Do Have One!) (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 I'm sure you've heard the phrase "it's not what you know, it's who you know".

    00:06 And this is so, so true when it comes to finding jobs in healthcare.

    00:10 Networking is going to play a huge role in acquiring a lot of your nursing jobs in particular.

    00:16 And you might be thinking, "well, that's a really huge bummer, Liz, because I don't actually know anyone in the healthcare system to be my network.

    00:24 So thanks for that useless advice." And, friend! I just want you to stop right there! Remember how we talked about your clinical experience and how it was supposed to be like a job interview? You have those people.

    00:37 Those nurses and possibly management on the units that you did clinical on.

    00:42 See if they know of any jobs or would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you. Even if you aren't applying for a job on the unit you did clinical on at all, maybe that unit manager knows a nurse or knows someone who is hiring and they could send over a "hey, this person is a legit person" along with your resume.

    01:01 And it never ever hurts to ask.

    01:03 And in reality, many positions are filled by word of mouth before an official position is actually posted on the website.

    01:11 Because, again.

    01:12 It's so much easier to hire the person who you know is solid, than to cast your line out into the pool of randoms and hope you get a good one.

    01:19 So who else can you network with beyond the people that you met in clinical? Right. You can talk about the fact that you are graduating from nursing school and looking for a job to literally everyone that you find in the world.

    01:33 Especially if you are seeking a non hospital based job.

    01:36 You never, ever know if the dental hygienist knows of a clinic that just lost a nurse and is actually looking to hire a new one that her cousin's sister's neighbor works at. You know what I mean? You can also use your classmates as a network.

    01:50 See if any of your classmates worked on a unit while they were in school that was possibly hiring.

    01:56 Did they like that hospital? Did they have a good experience on that unit? Let people in your class know that you are looking for a specific type of job, and they may know of a unit that is that type of unit that would be a good fit for you, but possibly wasn't a fit for them.

    02:12 And last, but certainly not least, keep a copy of your resume with you all the time. It sounds nerdy, but you seriously never know when during a random conversation you have, you're at the pharmacy or whatever, and you'll find someone who might have a lead for you.

    02:27 And then you can hand over your beautiful newly updated resume to them.

    02:31 And it's very impressive looking.

    02:33 So talk to everyone.

    02:35 I want you to push away the voice that says you're being annoying and you're spamming yourself. Because you are finding yourself a job, and it requires a little self-promotion.

    02:42 You got this.

    02:43 You can do hard things.

    02:45 Next, let us tackle the myth of "you should start in med surg" because I have... I have a lot of feelings on that one.

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