Urinary System: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark, PhD

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    00:00 So to wrap up our lecture on the urinary system recall that the urinary system is responsible for the filtering of our blood plasma in order to remove metabolic wastes.

    00:13 The main organ of the urinary system is the kidney but other organs include the ureters bladder and urethra.

    00:21 The functional unit of the kidney is the nephron within the nephron you have the glomerulus, the tubules, and the collecting ducts.

    00:31 Blood plasma is filtered through the glomerulus where it becomes the filtrate.

    00:36 This filtrate will then move to the tubules and collecting ducts.

    00:41 Within the tubules and collecting ducts, solutes and water are reabsorbed into the blood or secreted into the tubules.

    00:50 What remains of the filtered in the collecting ducts will become urine.

    00:55 The concentration of urine is regulated by the medullary gradient hormones and are systemic blood pressure.

    01:05 The kidney function can be measured by measuring our renal clearance.

    01:11 The chemical composition of our urine can also give us information about kidney function.

    01:18 And finally micturition or urination is controlled involuntarily by the autonomic nervous system and voluntarily by the skeletal muscles of the urethra.

    01:31 This concludes our lecture on the urinary system.

    01:35 Thank you for listening.

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    Jasmine Clark, PhD

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