Understanding Drug Labels (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:01 Welcome back. Let’s take a look at a label.

    00:04 Now, this is a blown up version of a label.

    00:07 There are lots and lots of words on there.

    00:10 So, let’s walk through some of it together.

    00:12 Now, you can see on the right side, let’s start there.

    00:16 That’s kind of the less busy version of the side of the label.

    00:20 Now, you see that pharmaceutical company up there is Lawes.

    00:23 That’s my last name.

    00:25 So, we just made that up there because this is a label just for fun.

    00:29 If I did run a pharmaceutical company, this is what I would call antibiotics, BugAway.

    00:34 I like that name. It’s oral suspension.

    00:37 Now, the next letters you see 250 mg.

    00:42 That means 250 milligrams in every 5 milliliters.

    00:48 All right, so if you divide 250 by 5, how many milligrams do you have per milliliter? Right, you’ve got 50 milligrams per milliliter.

    01:00 All right, so you know what we have.

    01:02 The pharmaceutical company name is usually at the top.

    01:04 We said my last name just for fun.

    01:06 The name of the drug is BugAway because they let me name it.

    01:11 It’s an oral suspension.

    01:13 That means we’re going to give it by mouth.

    01:15 250 milligrams of BugAway in every 5 milliliters or 50 milligrams per milliliter.

    01:24 So, that tells me the amount of the drug in the liquid measurement.

    01:30 Milligrams is the amount of drug, the dosage, total.

    01:34 5 milliliters is a liquid measurement.

    01:38 Now, I can draw that up in a syringe.

    01:40 I could pour that into a cup.

    01:42 But those are ways that are liquid measurements.

    01:45 Just be clear on that. Milligrams is the dosage.

    01:48 Milliliters is a liquid measurement.

    01:52 Now, over on the left side, you see a term there.

    01:57 It says usual dose.

    01:59 Children, 20-40 mg per kilogram in a day in three divided doses.

    02:06 Okay, the rest of it talks about adult dosing, 250 milligrams, three times a day.

    02:12 So gosh, that one’s already easy, right? We know there’s 250 milligrams in 5 mL.

    02:16 So, we would just give 5 mL to an adult three times a day.

    02:20 Now, go on and tell us lots more.

    02:22 Like look at the literature.

    02:23 All drugs come with an insert.

    02:26 You can also look at the insert for more information, more detailed information than we have here.

    02:30 You can look in the PDR, the physician’s desk reference.

    02:34 Most hospitals have some type of system where you can also look up medications.

    02:39 Now, on down from this, we’ve got some other drugs that are in there and some more information about it.

    02:44 We’re not going to focus on that right now because we’re just looking, we’re learning how to do dosage calculation.

    02:51 The rest of the things prior to mixing, it tells you how to do it.

    02:55 What a teaspoonful is, 5 mL.

    02:57 Shake well before using.

    02:58 Those are other important instructions but not for this video.

    03:02 We’re going to focus on how to figure out what a safe and correct dose is.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Understanding Drug Labels (Nursing) by Rhonda Lawes is from the course Dosage Calculation (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. The dosage is 500 mg and the liquid measurement is 5 mL.
    2. The dosage is 5 mL and the liquid measurement is 500 mg.
    3. The dosage of medication is 500 mg in every mL.
    4. The dosage of medication is 100 mg and the liquid measurement is 5 mL.
    1. 500 mg
    2. 250 mg
    3. 25 mg
    4. 500 mcg

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