Travel Nursing (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Travel nursing is the nursing job for people who want to wander all over the place and get paid all sorts of money.

    00:08 Basically, once you have been a nurse for a few years, usually at least two in a certain specialty, then you are able to sign up with a travel nursing agency, and you can take contracts all over the country to fill in where hospitals need help.

    00:22 You're usually paid incredibly well, which is lovely.

    00:26 And what is not lovely though, is you can get canceled at any point which will leave you without your money.

    00:32 So that can be a problem.

    00:33 But there are tons of different travel nurse agencies out there.

    00:36 All of them have different specialties and work within different health care systems.

    00:39 This means I don't have any recommendations for like one travel agency in particular that I can just give you.

    00:46 But there are a ton of social media nurses who have traveled and share all of their tips and their tricks and their agency recommendations.

    00:54 So I would go look there.

    00:55 The thing to remember with this is that you need to be really, really confident and solid in your skills before you launch into travel nursing. Because when you take a contract, that floor will literally expect you to start taking assignments without any orientation.

    01:13 Like, you might get a few hours to be shown around the unit.

    01:16 Like, Hey, here's the bathroom, here's where the patient supplies are.

    01:18 All right, ready, set, go.

    01:19 But otherwise, you will be expected to know how to do the job itself without any further training. But when you get to that point, it's a super awesome opportunity that a lot of people who want to just be able to travel and see the country can do so while also getting paid and working.

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Travel nurses make great money.
    2. Travel nurses can work and travel at the same time.
    3. Travel nurses must be confident in their skills.
    4. Travel nurses make less money than hospital nurses.
    5. A new nurse (less than 6 months) can feel confident in a travel nursing position.

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    Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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