Trauma and Post-OP Management: Scenario 3

by Stuart Enoch, PhD

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    00:03 Okay, another scenario which comes up or related to this? Okay, types of shocked to know that, hypovolaemic, cardiogenic.

    00:20 So, what type of this? Hypovolaemic? Classes? 1-4.

    00:28 How do you monitor blood pressure? Where are they found? Yeah, aortic arch and carotid sinus, okay? Okay, how much blood loss in each class of shock? In what? Yes.

    00:56 So, 750 mils, 1500, 2000, add anything more than that.

    01:03 So, class 1 is 750, class 2 is 1500, class 3 is 2000, class 4 is more than 2000.

    01:11 So, a pelvic fracture.

    01:14 What class would you expect? 3 is fine, definite 3.

    01:21 4 is acceptable, normally 1.5 to 2 liters.

    01:24 Bilateral femur? Bilateral femur is like pelvis.

    01:30 2 and above, your lateral femur is 2 to 3.

    01:34 Yeah.

    01:37 Okay.

    01:38 So, they will give you values of patient with these and then I asked you expected to know the class of shock.

    01:55 Make sure that you remember the components to measure shock.

    01:59 That's a blood loss, heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

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