Transcriptional Control

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Transcriptional Control by Georgina Cornwall, PhD is from the course Gene Regulation.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Multiple transcription factors
    2. RNA Polymerase II
    3. Transcription associated factors (TAF's)
    4. Activator Proteins
    5. Enhancer regions
    1. DNA looping transports the transcription factor closer to the promoter and initiates gene transcription.
    2. The transcription factor transcribes small RNAs that then bind to the promoter and activate the gene's expression.
    3. Signals originate via inducers from the transcription factor to the site of promotion that activate transcription of the gene.
    4. The assistance of RNA looping moves the transcription factor closer to the promoter.
    1. …is a region of DNA which binds to activator proteins to increase the transcription of a particular gene.
    2. …is a cis-acting region of NA composed of 50-1500 base-pairs.
    3. …can be located away from the gene, upstream or downstream from the transcription start point.
    4. …is a part of the promoter region, where the RNA pol starts to unwind the DNA duplex.
    5. …is a part of the core promoter region composed of -35 and -10 elements.

    Author of lecture Transcriptional Control

     Georgina Cornwall, PhD

    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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