The Worst NCLEX Pep Talk Ever (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Are you ready for the world's worst NCLEX pep talk ever? I thought so. Want to know when you'll feel like you're ready to take the NCLEX? Never. That's right.

    00:12 You will never feel ready.

    00:13 There will always be more to learn.

    00:16 More you could know.

    00:18 More questions to answer and more rationales to dissect.

    00:22 There will always be people who are more prepared than you, and there will always be that underlying terror when you have to take this thing.

    00:30 But my friend, you are more than ready.

    00:33 You are more ready than you know.

    00:35 Your brain just hasn't gotten that message yet.

    00:38 You have worked so hard for so long.

    00:42 You have done so many practice questions.

    00:44 You have read so many rationales.

    00:46 You have lectured your plant for so many hours that it got a new flower.

    00:51 And you have faced the bear that is nursing school.

    00:54 And you won, my friend.

    00:56 You won. You can be scared while also knowing that you are enough. You are not alone in feeling like this.

    01:04 And you have done so many hard things to get here that you can certainly do this one too. Do you remember when you got into nursing school, and you were so excited but also terrified of nursing school because it was hard? Well, you did that even if it seemed impossible.

    01:21 So go do this hard, seemingly impossible thing, even if you have to do it scared.

    01:27 You can do this.

    01:28 Now, go pep talk yourself and let's discuss some game day strategy, shall we? What does the test day actually look like?

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