Thalassemia: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing)

by Paula Ruedebusch

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    00:01 So in a nutshell, thalassemia is a common cause of anemia worldwide.

    00:06 There are three severities: minor, intermedia and major.

    00:10 The genetic mutation's going to cause defective hemoglobin.

    00:14 Signs and symptoms in your patient are going to be consistent with anemia.

    00:18 When you draw labs, you're going to initially mimic iron deficiency anemia if you stop at a CBC and that's why iron studies are gonna be needed to differentiate the two conditions.

    00:28 Remember, a patient with thalassemia is not iron-deficient.

    00:32 You do not want to supplement with extra iron.

    00:35 Treatment is going to include blood transfusions, and subsequent iron chelation.

    00:41 Thank you for watching this lecture on thalassemia.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Thalassemia: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing) by Paula Ruedebusch is from the course Blood Disorders – Pediatric Nursing.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Iron studies
    2. Complete blood cell count (CBC)
    3. Red blood cell (RBC) count
    4. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine

    Author of lecture Thalassemia: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing)

     Paula Ruedebusch

    Paula Ruedebusch

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