Test Plan for NCLEX-RN® 2023

by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

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    00:00 Let's take a look at the test plan for the NCLEX RN 2023.

    00:05 Now, this is a big year because lots of things have changed in this year.

    00:10 Now I want to point you to their website.

    00:13 There is a complete test plan available on the NCSBN website.

    00:20 Now we're going to show you where that is.

    00:21 And this is the website that you want to use as your source.

    00:25 Here are lots of rumors about the NCLEX and people say that this experience or that experience here is the gold standard.

    00:32 These this is the group that has written the NCLEX exam.

    00:37 So if you need any information, this is where you should go.

    00:40 Now you see the web address on the screen

    00:45 So both students and faculty, this is a site that you need to access when you have any questions about the NCLEX exam.

    00:51 This is where the most up to date information on the NCLEX RN will be.

    00:56 Now, during COVID and the pandemic, we checked this site a lot because things change as we walk through it.

    01:03 I hope we don't ever go through a season like that again, but know that the latest information will always be available to you on that site.

    01:11 Now let's break the test plan down for a little bit because it is a very long document from the NCSBN.

    01:18 It is over 60 pages of information about your exam.

    01:22 So it's a really comprehensive listing of the content for each client needs category, each sub category.

    01:28 You can read through all of that information, but we're going to kind of walk you through it together.

    01:34 Now we'll also give you sample items at the end of each category so you can see what they'll look like. And they include an item writing guide that'll give sample case scenarios and examples that faculty can use to help write some test item questions that you can practice with in your nursing program.

    01:50 But don't worry, we are experts in NCLEX exams and we're going to break this down for you so you don't have to read that 60 page document if you don't have the time to do that. So let's start with what you need to know about the RN test plan.

    02:06 Okay, so it's a guide helps you prepare for the exam.

    02:10 That's really what it is.

    02:11 Also, item writers use it when they write exam questions and to know how to classify the test questions.

    02:17 So that's the purpose of that 60 page document.

    02:21 Now for this next part, I want you to remember three is the key.

    02:24 Okay? So remember, three is the key.

    02:27 First of all, who decides what the test plan will be for my NCLEX? We know they talk to 12,000 nurses.

    02:33 We know these people were involved.

    02:35 But how does that really come together? Well, remember three, they take the recent practice analysis of registered nurses, they take expert opinions, and then they take the staff and nursing regulatory bodies of the NCSBN those state boards of nursing.

    02:53 Now, how often is that test plan changed? I think you could guess every three years.

    02:59 So that's why I say three is the key.

    03:01 That's how the test comes together.

    03:03 That's who has input into it.

    03:05 And it's reviewed every three years.

    03:07 Now, what about final approval? Even that group of three can't just say, this is it, Here you go.

    03:12 And that shows up on your NCLEX There has to be a final approval season.

    03:17 So following the endorsement of everything that's proposed by the NEC, then the test plan document is presented at this big delegate assembly.

    03:26 Now that's the decision making body of the NCSBN.

    03:29 So once they prepare it, it's got to be presented and approved there.

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