Test Plan for NCLEX-PN® 2020

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:00 Now this website we have up there, That's a really important website for students and faculty. If anyone gives you advice or tells you what the exam is like, check it out at this website. If it's not there, then it's likely not true. People want to give you all sorts of tips and strategies and things. Trust me, not all of it is accurate information. So you want to make sure if it can't be backed up on this website, it's not something I would trust in. So, if you want the most up-to-date information on your exam, go to the NCSBN website at Now, we use this site almost everyday when we went through the COVID pandemic and they were changing things in testing, this is always the ultimate site that you want to go to for information.

    00:54 Now, again, you're kind of wondering like "What is this test plan?" Well, let me tell you it's a very very long document. It's like over 50 pages of information about your NCLEX-PN exam. It gives you a comprehensive listing of the content topics that could be on the exam. It list out the client needs, categories and subcategories. It gives you sample items. There is an item writing guide but hey listen, don't worry. We are experts in NCLEX exams and we're going to break this down for you so you don't have to. So anything you want to double check, you can go to that document but if you're like an average person like me and you don't want to read through all that, we've got the information right here for you. So, let's get to the bottom line. What do you need to know about the NCLEX-PN test plan and why do you need to know it? Well, this is the bible, it's the guide for you to prepare for the exam. The actual item writers for the NCLEX-PN test exam use this as a guide. This is how they know how to classify test questions, this is how they know how to write the test questions so hey if you're going to play the game you need to know the rules. So, 3 is key. Alright, that's what I want you to remember. When you're thinking about the NCLEX, 3 is the key. So if the question is "Who decides what the test plan will be for my NCLEX?" there are 3 types of resources. Now, we've talked about a few of these. First one, the most recent practice analyses. Remember they talk to newly licensed LPNs. Second one is the expert opinions of the NCLEX Examination Committee. And the third one is the NCBSN staff and nursing regulatory bodies otherwise known as the Boards of Nursing.

    02:47 So, who has all the input into your NCLEX exam? The practice analyses, the expert opinions of the NEC, and the NCBSN staff and Boards of Nursing. There's your 3 groups and types of input into the exam. Now, the next question you're going to want to know is "How often is the test plan changed?" The answer is 3 again. The test plan is reviewed and approved by the NCLEX Examination Committee every 3 years. That's why this plan is in place from 2020 to 2023. Now, once all these work is done there still is step for the final approval because after it's been endorsed and the revisions have been presented, it's going to go to the Delegate Assembly. I know, please stick with me, we're going to get to some really good stuff but I want you to know this test go through multiple steps before it's approved. So, this goes for the Delegate Assembly and they are going to vote on whether this will be accepted. So, they take those findings, they go through voting, and now the test is ready to be used. I would challenge you right here and this is the point of me walking you through every one of those steps. You don't ever have a test in any nursing program that goes under as much scrutiny as the NCLEX does. So you walk into a new class and you kind of get the feel for your new nursing faculty and you know what they think is important and what's most likely to be on the test, those types of vibes. You don't have that advantage on the NCLEX. It's a different test, different level of scrutiny. It has a phenomenal process before it actually gets to you as a student to take the test so know that you're going to need some different strategies. We need to prepare to save for this exam.

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