Stroke Nursing Care in ER: In a Nutshell

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:01 Okay, so let's wrap up this ER visit video.

    00:05 Remember the top priority in ER is maintain airway, breathing, and circulation stability.

    00:11 Your job as an ER nurse is to watch that at all times.

    00:14 When a patient comes in with a suspected stroke, your job is to assess it quickly and get them to CAT scan in a hurry.

    00:23 Now, look at the FAST screening tool. Make sure you're familiar with that.

    00:26 We want to educate our patients about it and their families to recognize the signs, but it works great for an ER nurse, too.

    00:33 If you suspect a stroke, remember, time is tissue.

    00:37 So, again, I want to emphasize our role as nurses is to identify it as early as possible, so we can get them to CT, rule out whether it's bleeding or hemorrhage or it's an ischemic stroke.

    00:49 You want to carefully screen that patient for the risk of bleeding before you give that thrombolytic.

    00:55 Also, don't forget, we've got to give it within that short, 4-hour window period of time.

    01:00 So, don't give up on practicing that SBAR and communicating.

    01:04 Practice that and practice that and practice that. It is one of the best ways to build a strong professional relationship when you're starting to practice nursing, that you give information in clear, concise, and objective manners.

    01:18 Thank you for watching our video today.

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