Start These Habits Now (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Okay. So now that you have figured out how to use your new best friend, the planner, to keep your life organized, I want to talk to you about the best way I have found to keep you motivated to stick with your to-do lists, which helps manage the chaos and make the "nursing school is hard" so much more "I can do the hard things" manageable.

    00:21 So let's discuss healthy habits.

    00:24 I told you. I told you the mom mode was coming.

    00:26 I know, it's going to be fun.

    00:28 Just stick with me, friends.

    00:30 First, we need to simplify things that have to happen, right? Our bodies need certain things.

    00:36 We need to eat. So if you love cooking, you can ignore this section because that's going to be something you enjoy. But if you are like me, and you love food but hate cooking, and it sucks like much-needed life source energy from you, this section is for you.

    00:50 Find the recipes that you do like, like seven, if you're feeling ambitious, assign them a day of the week, and you now eat quesadillas every Wednesday.

    00:59 Every single Wednesday you're going to eat quesadillas and congratulations, dinner decided, lunch leftovers.

    01:04 If you live in a dorm, and you have a dining hall, I am jealous.

    01:07 But listen anyways, because one day you won't live in a dorm and have a dining hall, and it's going to be rough.

    01:12 Find those recipes that you like that are easy, and maybe buy a crock pot. I know, and repeat all of those meals on that schedule until you are sick of it.

    01:21 Don't waste precious brain cells trying to figure out what foods you're going to eat and on what day.

    01:27 And then do the exact same thing for snacks.

    01:29 Find like five snacks that combine a carb and a protein because your body usually likes that combination. It keeps you feeling full longer and your brain's happy and pre make them on your planning day.

    01:40 That way, when you need a snack, you can just go to the fridge or go to the pantry and grab something that you already made that will help your body actually feel good.

    01:48 Other snacks are obviously always welcome, and I am 100% here for whatever foods are going to make you feel good.

    01:53 But I have lived on Reese's Puffs and PB and J's for most of nursing school, and I can tell you that your body feels better when you occasionally offer it a vegetable or a fruit.

    02:03 And simply having access to that food in an easy way, that is key.

    02:09 So what else does your body appreciate? So we've got food.

    02:12 Moving. I don't care how you move.

    02:15 It doesn't have to be a hard core exercise.

    02:17 And walk down the road is great.

    02:19 Walking up and down your stairs to stay awake while you're trying to study statistics ? That is also great.

    02:25 Literally any body movement will help your brain make more connections between topics while you are learning.

    02:32 I'm serious. It's wild.

    02:34 It's also good for making those happy hormones, and we'll talk about those and how we can get more of those.

    02:39 We will get all of them for you.

    02:41 It will be wonderful in the next section.

    02:42 Thank you. I used to download, this is how I got my movement in, I used to download podcasts on the topic that I needed to study for or listen to prerecorded lectures while I walked, and this let me double-dip, right, because I was getting movement in while I also got homework done and I 10 out of 10 recommend that approach.

    03:00 You got two birds, one stone, more time for mindless phone scrolling later.

    03:04 And if you're using the Lecturio app, you can actually download the lectures and listen to them like a podcast while you wander around outside.

    03:11 It's lovely. Do try it.

    03:12 And the best superpower that I cannot recommend enough, well, that gets its own section coming up next.

    03:18 It's fancy, I promise.

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    The lecture Start These Habits Now (RN) by Elizabeth Russ, FNP is from the course Preparing for Nursing School (RN).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Plan weekly meals and snacks ahead.
    2. Maintain physically active.
    3. Eat a combination of protein and carb snacks.
    4. Always participate in strenuous activities to lessen stress.
    5. Combine learning with activity.

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     Elizabeth Russ, FNP

    Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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