Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC, Squamous Cell Cancer)

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Our topic here is squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. Chronic UV exposure once again, maybe immunosuppressed patient. Maybe you have a patient that was exposed to -- well, remember injury taking place, maybe such as osteomyelitis resulting in squamous cell cancer of the sinus. Maybe arsenic. Okay, there is a pretty long list of things that may result in squamous cell cancer of the skin. Morphology here. If it’s squamous cells, then you can expect there to be hyperkeratotic papule upon exposure to the sun. And then here, as a rule of thumb, below the lower lip. But once again, if you find that on the forehead, it’s scaly and it’s not umbilicated and upon histologic examination, we’ll talk about these keratin pearls and these prickles, intercellular bridges. Yes, I said prickles. We talked about that earlier. And this will be pretty significant specific for squamous cell cancer here of the skin. What was the premalignant condition that you may want to keep in mind for squamous cell cancer? Once again, exposure to UV rays. Good. That was called actinic keratosis. Let’s talk further about squamous cell cancer of the skin. It’s number 2 skin cancer overall. Squamous cell cancer of the skin more common on hands and mucosa than BCC. Higher metastatic potential than BCC, but not by much. Is that clear? Yes, has a higher metastatic potential, but it’s not like -- It’s 10%, okay? If BCC has less than 0.05, then obviously higher than 0.05. If you basically begin at 0, you know what I mean? You don’t have to go much higher for it to be a higher potential for metastasis. Higher metastatic potential on the ears and on the lips is something that you want to keep in mind. However, as opposed to BCC,...

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