Skills Check-off Tips (LPN)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 Skills check off day or lab practicum.

    00:05 These words strike fear in the hearts of many students.

    00:10 Little dramatic. I know. But really it does.

    00:14 It's really nerve wracking as a student.

    00:18 Why you ask? Because during skills checkoff or a lab practicum final, you are being hovered over, watched, critiqued by your faculty to see if every move you make, action and step that you perform is accurate, safe, and consider passing.

    00:39 Yes, you can fail skills checkoff or your lab final, for example.

    00:44 Another reason why it's terrifying for some.

    00:48 Why are we so mean as faculty? Really though, if you're performing skills that we teach you on a real patient, some of these are invasive, and really can cause significant harm to the patient.

    01:01 So we got to make sure you're safe to do this.

    01:05 So you can perform this and clinical in real time.

    01:09 Now with your check offs or your lab final, make sure you're prepared.

    01:14 You've reviewed the designated skills you're being checked off on before you go get evaluated.

    01:22 A good idea is to review any videos your faculty assign.

    01:26 Any materials that's associated with the skill, and practice.

    01:31 Go to open practice lab.

    01:33 If your faculty holds it, do not miss this opportunity.

    01:38 Open Lab is a time when the faculty allow you to practice these skills in there.

    01:44 And many times, this is where you're tested.

    01:47 So practicing in that same environment is helpful.

    01:51 Here's the other thing.

    01:53 Sometimes there are minor differences in the way nurses perform skills.

    01:58 So default to how your faculty teach you.

    02:02 There are variations.

    02:04 This doesn't mean that they're wrong, but your faculty is the one who's going to be evaluating you.

    02:09 So perform it like they teach you.

    02:12 Practice until you feel comfortable before skills check off.

    02:17 Verbalize each step out loud when you're performing the skill during the checkoff.

    02:23 Also, if you make a mistake, some faculty will allow you to verbalize that you're self correcting.

    02:30 Fix the mistake and then move on and you may still pass.

    02:35 Make sure that you're reviewing guidelines for skills check off day or your lab final.

    02:42 And clarify so you know before you start your checkoff.

    02:46 Oh, and don't forget handwashing and two patient identifiers.

    02:53 Some faculty may fail you on this alone.

    02:56 And it doesn't matter if you are performing the skill perfectly, because that's a huge safety risk. So make sure to do this.

    03:06 And practice, practice, and breathe, and go get it.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Skills Check-off Tips (LPN) by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN is from the course Build Confidence for Skills Lab (LPN) (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Ensures you can perform the skills on real clients.
    2. You can fail skills check-off.
    3. Skills check-off ensures you are accurate and safe.
    4. You cannot fail skills check-off.
    5. Skills check-off does not prove you can perform the skills on a real client.
    1. Practice in open lab.
    2. Review videos.
    3. Mistakes may be allowed during skills check-off.
    4. Mistakes always mean failure during skills check-off.
    5. Variation from how the skill was taught initially is always acceptable during skills check-off.

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     Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

    Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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