Skeletal System: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark

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    00:01 So to conclude our lecture on the skeletal system, recall that the skeletal system includes all of the bones of the body.

    00:09 The function of the skeletal system is to provide support, protect internal organs, assist in body movements, help establish our mineral homeostasis, produce red blood cells, and store triglycerides.

    00:27 Bone tissue contains four different types of cells.

    00:31 We have osteocytes, osteoblasts, osteoclast, and osteoprogenitor cells.

    00:40 There are two types of bone formation.

    00:43 We have intramembranous ossification, in the flat bones and endochondral ossification, in the long bones.

    00:52 And finally, homeostatic imbalance in the skeletal system can include bone fracture and certain diseases such as osteoporosis.

    01:02 And this concludes our lecture on the skeletal system.

    01:06 Thank you for listening.

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    The lecture Skeletal System: In a Nutshell (Nursing) by Jasmine Clark is from the course Musculoskeletal System – Physiology (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Process of blood cell formation
    2. Calcium storage
    3. Attachment of ligaments to bone
    4. Protection of the body's internal structures

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    Jasmine Clark

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