Skeletal System: Functions (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark

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    00:00 In today's lecture we will be discussing the skeletal system.

    00:05 The main component of the skeletal system is bone.

    00:09 The bone is an organ made up of several different tissues, including bone tissue, cartilaginous tissue, connective tissue, adipose tissue, nervous tissue, and also blood tissue.

    00:24 All of these different tissues are working together in order for the bone to perform its function.

    00:31 The bones are going to make up the entire framework of the body and it's going to constitute the skeletal system as a whole.

    00:41 So what are the functions of the skeletal system? So first, the skeletal system is going to provide support for the entire body.

    00:50 It also serves as a way of protecting our internal organs by acting as like a cage around some of the soft tissues inside of our body like the brain and the heart.

    01:03 The skeletal system plays a vital role in our body movements by acting as a attachment point for the muscles in the skeletal muscle system.

    01:15 The skeletal system also is involved in homeostasis by providing certain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus that are necessary for several different processes that occur in the body.

    01:30 As well as calcium and other minerals, the skeletal system also participates in blood cell production, also known as hemopoiesis.

    01:41 Finally, the skeletal system also stores fat or triglycerides in the adipose cells in the marrow of the bone.

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    1. Protection of organs
    2. Responsible for clotting mechanism
    3. Produces body heat
    4. Serves as the main storage system
    5. Responsible for production of blood cells

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