Shoulder: Seven Steps of Spencer

by Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

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    00:01 When patients complain of shoulder pain or limitations in motion, one common treatment we use is called the Seven Steps of Spencer It's a very good technique for patients with adhesive capsulitis or restrictions in motion or use of the shoulder.

    00:15 You start with stabilizing the scapula.

    00:18 Make sure you have good hold of it, and then you're gonna go through each of the seven steps, seven times So I'm gonna start with holding the scapula and extending the shoulder seven times.

    00:32 Two Three Four Five Six Seven Patients usually tolerate extension well, and then you get to flexion And you get it until you could gauge the barrier One Two Three Four Five Six Seven, and you're stretching them out and increasing motion with each time.

    01:07 Then you want to do circumduction with some compression.

    01:10 You can switch arms here to get better traction and I circumduct in each direction holding out to the humerus, getting the glenohumeral joint engaged, and seven, and then I'm gonn go backwards One Two Three Four Five Six Seven After you do circumduction with compression, you do circumduction with traction.

    01:46 Pull it up and you're moving the shoulder increasing the motion each time And then after circumduction with traction, you want to do ABduction of the shoulder so you wanna go all the way up.

    02:07 One They may have some discomfort with ABduction and then when you get to the next step, I believe that's seven...

    02:22 which is internal rotation, this is when you've got their confidence and even though it's gonna feel a little bit uncomfortable, you're gonna increase the motion Two Three I should stabilize the scapula, Four Five Six Seven and the last step is, Traction You pull on the shoulder One Two Three Four Five Six Seven and bring it back to neutral position - relaxation and ask how the shoulder feels and see if the motion has increased when you started the procedure That's the seven steps of Spencer

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    Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

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