Schizophrenia – Psychological Disorders (PSY)

by Tarry Ahuja, MD

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    Okay. Now, let’s talk about schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that’s characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand reality. So, this is one of those disorders that is fairly, I don’t want to say that it’s, you know, more important than others, but it’s more I would say traumatic from the others. Because when you’re expressing with schizophrenic symptoms, it’s a removal from reality. So you don’t know what’s real and you don’t know what’s fake and that can be very, you know, for a, you know, a non-schizophrenic individual to experience that and see that, it’s kind of scary. So, symptoms of this are classified in two bins. We can have positive symptoms and negative symptoms. Positive is where your adding something to the equation. So you’re seeing something that wasn’t -- that’s not there versus negative which is a removal or a deficit of something. So, we’ll take a look at this in a little bit more detail here. So, positive symptoms can include things like delusions. So now you’re adding sort of mysterious things that you’re seeing. Disorder thoughts in the speech, hallucinations, these are all things that are considered positive symptoms. Now, positive symptoms respond quite well in medication and treatment, so that’s a good thing obviously. And it’s a good thing because some of these things can be quite dramatic and can really impact your ability to function. So it’s kind of hard to do your job when you’re seeing, you know, flying unicorns and you’re seeing, you know, you’re seeing odd things and also delusions where you have this disconnect between what’s really actually happening and what you think is happening in your mind. So, in this image that you’re seeing here, you see a cat. The cat has delusions of...

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    Tarry Ahuja, MD

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