Review of Signs of Liver Cirrhosis (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:01 Hi! Welcome to our video series on liver cirrhosis complications.

    00:05 We're going to take a look at a citis, and peripheral edema.

    00:09 A very common complication with liver failure.

    00:13 I know this is overwhelming and you know how I feel about list, I'm not asking your brain to look at all this.

    00:20 Pull back, look at the big picture, as you can see we're hitting neurological, GI, your skin, hematologic, that definitely impacts these systems when your liver is struggling when you have liver failure or cirrhosis.

    00:34 But believe it or not, that's not all.

    00:37 Look at this, we couldn't even fit it on one slide.

    00:41 Now the livers involved in making hormones and damage to the liver can also throw off the reproductive system.

    00:48 You may not have normally associated reproductive problems with liver failure, but it's a big deal.

    00:54 So because that's such a fragile system delivers so intricately involved in making hormones.

    01:00 You see those complications with a patient that has cirrhosis.

    01:04 Now we're not focusing on any of those systems I just discussed.

    01:09 Look over to the lower corner of your screen.

    01:11 You see I've got a box around the word cardiovascular.

    01:15 I want you to take a look at the three bullet points underneath those.

    01:19 That's what we're going to focus on.

    01:20 I want you to have a really good understanding of why and how a patient with cirrhosis ends up with ascites.

    01:28 And you're talking about fluid volume balance that's a big deal with your cardiovascular system.

    01:33 So we're looking at fluid retention and peripheral edema and ascites.

    01:38 Ready? All right, let's go.

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    The lecture Review of Signs of Liver Cirrhosis (Nursing) by Rhonda Lawes is from the course Liver Cirrhosis (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Fluid retention
    2. Peripheral edema
    3. Ascites
    4. Anemia
    5. Vomiting

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     Rhonda Lawes

    Rhonda Lawes

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