Review: Cell and Molecular Biology Course

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    So, before we dig into the content of this course, I wanted to take just a moment to recap some of the information that we covered in the cell and molecular biology course that’s relevant to molecular genetics because there are lots and lots of material that’s not necessarily medical genetics but is the content of cell and molecular biology. I didn’t really want to repeat them here. So first of all, we have to understand that DNA is this double helix and it’s packed tightly. It’s wrapped around nucleosomes. Those nucleosomes are like pearls on a necklace. They stack into a little tube. That tube is this piece that we see here. Then that will coil. So this string of beads that are packed together then coils and then we see that it super coils. Then beyond the super coiling, we see that that all gets compacted and coils around some more and finally we have the chromosomes. So, that’s something we’ve covered before in the specifics of how it’s all held together. We also have covered gene structure and function. You’ll recall that not only is there the gene and coding piece of the DNA. But there’s a 5-prime end and a 3-prime untranslated end as well as this whole TATA box up at the beginning, where we have the promoter region and many different proteins attaching on there in order to regulate gene expression. Then we also looked at how gene expression happened in lots and lots of details. We have the DNA and that DNA template is transcribed into messenger RNA and then messenger RNA is translated into the eventual product which are proteins. Of course remember, all those regulatory proteins that attach to the TATA box in the promoter region are also transcribed from DNA...

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    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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