Restraints and Use of Safety Devices

by Jessica Spellman

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    Hi! I’m Jessica Spellman. This is the Ws of using restraints, the who, what, when, and how to use restraints. After taking this course, you will be able to define a restraint and be able to give examples. Understand what is needed to initiate, intervene, and discontinue restraint orders. Explain the nurses’ role and caring for a patient with a restraint. Recall the proper legal documentation that must be present when caring for a patient with restraints. So let’s start with the definition of a restraint. A restraint is a means of unreasonably limiting freedom of movement. And this can be done in several ways. There are four types of restraints. The first is physical, mechanical, chemical, and using seclusion. A physical restraint. A physical restraint is when you’re holding a patient in a manner in which his or her movement is restricted. An example would be a patient is confused and attempting to hit you with their hand. So you hold their hand and/or wrist to prevent being hit. This is an example of a physical restraint. A mechanical restraint. When we limit a patient’s movement but we use a device to do so. So an example of that would be applying wrist restraints to prevent a patient from extubating themselves. A chemical restraint. This is when we use a medication for the purpose of restraint instead of treatment. So an example would be using a medication to sedate a patient so they cannot pull out tubes or lines or if they’re combative. And then the use of seclusion is when we place the patient alone in the room so they cannot communicate or see any staff or patients. As long as the patient believes they cannot get out of the room, it is considered seclusion. It’s important that...

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    The lecture Restraints and Use of Safety Devices by Jessica Spellman is from the course Safe and Effective Care Environment. It contains the following chapters:

    • The W's of Using Restraints
    • Who may order restraints?
    • What should be documented?

    Author of lecture Restraints and Use of Safety Devices

     Jessica Spellman

    Jessica Spellman

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