Psychoanalytic Perspective – Personality (PSY)

by Tarry Ahuja, MD

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    So, let’s start with the psychoanalytic perspective. This is sort of your classic Freudian way to approach personality. So the psychoanalytic theory states that personality is shaped by a person’s unconscious thoughts, feelings, and memories. So, I think everybody knows, you know are friend Mr. Freud. So Dr. Freud was the one of the pioneers that really -- that really we associate the psychoanalytic perspective or theory with. And he has a couple of components to it that we’re going to look at. The first being libido or life instinct as it’s called. And what this does is it drives behaviors focused on survival, creativity, pain avoidance, and pleasure. So, it’s something that kind of makes you happy. The death instinct is the opposite. It drives aggressive behavior fueled by an unconscious will to die or hurt oneself or others. So, what Freud did was, he categorized three main components that work together: ID, ego, and superego. So ID is something that’s mostly unconscious. It’s ruled by something called “the pleasure principle” where we do things that give us pleasure and something that we do that gives us instant gratification. “I want it, I want it now.” That’s basically the pleasure principle. Anything it takes for me to feel happy right and then now. And this basically how young children function, so they’re almost exclusively ID. They want -- they want that num num or they want that candy or they want that ice cream or they want that food, that suit or that bottle now. And when they don’t get it, what happens? Meltdown, right? They start screaming and yelling. As adults, we get a little bit better at negotiating and dealing with the letdowns. But a young baby, a young child is working almost exclusively on the pleasure...

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     Tarry Ahuja, MD

    Tarry Ahuja, MD

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