Parasympathetic Nervous System: Anatomy (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark, PhD

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    00:01 So now that we've talked about the interaction with our sympathetic, let's talk about the parasympathetic division.

    00:08 In the parasympathetic division, we also have preganglionic neurons.

    00:15 The cell bodies of these are going to be located in the nuclei of the four cranial nerves: cranial nerve III, cranial nerve VII, cranial nerve IX, and cranial nerve X.

    00:28 Also, these cell bodies are located in the brain stem and finally, the cell bodies in the lateral gray matter of sacral segments 2 through 4 of the spinal cord.

    00:41 There are two different outflows from the parasympathetic division.

    00:48 The first outflow is the cranial parasympathetic outflow.

    00:53 These are going to extend from the brain stem and four of the cranial nerves.

    00:58 The second outflow is the sacral parasympathetic outflow.

    01:03 This outflow extends from the 2nd through the 4th sacral spinal nerves.

    01:09 The parasympathetic ganglia only has one type of ganglia.

    01:14 Those are the terminal ganglia.

    01:17 These lie near the visceral organs or sometimes are actually within the walls of the organs themselves.

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    Jasmine Clark, PhD

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