Palatine Bone

by Darren Salmi, MD, MS

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    00:02 Posteriorly the hard palate finishes off via the palatine bone.

    00:08 The palatine bone has horizontal and perpendicularly oriented plates.

    00:14 So the horizontal plate is the portion that actually contributes to the hard palate.

    00:20 Superiorly we have the nasal surface.

    00:24 And inferiorly, we have the palatine surface.

    00:27 And so this is part of what's separating the oral cavity from the nasal cavity.

    00:32 In the midline this groove is therefore called the nasal crest.

    00:36 Superiorly and inferiorly it's called the palatine crest.

    00:41 We also have a groove here called the greater palatine groove.

    00:45 Through which many structures will pass.

    00:48 We also have the vertically oriented perpendicular plates.

    00:52 And of course medially they will have a nasal surface because they're interacting with the posterior aspect of the nasal cavity.

    01:01 Laterally, it would be the maxillary surface.

    01:05 So turning around we again have a little crest for nasal concha called the nasal crest.

    01:11 In an area where the ethmoid will be participating called the ethmoidal crest.

    01:17 We have openings here called the inferior nasal meatus.

    01:22 And that's going to be the opening behind or below the inferior concha.

    01:28 Similarly there's a middle nasal meatus, which will sit inferior to the middle nasal concha.

    01:36 Finally, there's a superior nasal meatus sitting just below and behind the superior nasal concha.

    01:44 And again laterally is going to be the surface for the maxillary bone.

    01:50 Laterally we have various processes called the pyramidal processes.

    01:55 And superiorly, up towards the orbit we have orbital processes.

    02:00 More posteriorly towards the sphenoid we have the sphenoidal processes.

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