by Darren Salmi, MD, MS

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    00:01 Now let's take a look at the palate.

    00:06 Here we see the hard palate which is composed of bone largely by the maxilla and then posteriorly by the palatine bone.

    00:15 And then posterior to the hard palate is the soft palate which lacks bone.

    00:22 There are some muscles though found in the soft palate.

    00:26 We have the palatoglossus going between the soft palate and the tongue, then the palatopharyngeus going from the palate to the pharynx.

    00:36 We also have some muscles more superiorly, such as the levator veli palatini, and the tensor veli palatini.

    00:46 We also have the musculus uvulae, which is the muscle that's found in the uvula.

    00:54 Most of these are going to be supplied by the vagus nerve or cranial nerve X with the exception of the tensor veli palatini, which is innervated by the mandibular nerve, or cranial nerve V3.

    01:08 Here in a sagittal view, we see the hard palate and in the mucosa, that overlays the hard palate has a lot of palatine glands, and then the soft palate terminates in the uvula.

    01:22 We have these arches formed by these muscles that we just described, such as the palatoglossal arch formed by palatoglossus and the palatopharyngeal arch formed by the palatopharyngeus.

    01:36 In between these two arches is where we find the palatine tonsil.

    01:41 And these are the tonsils people typically think about when you have tonsillitis, although there are other tonsils throughout the oral cavity and pharnyx.

    01:50 We take an inferior view of the palate, we can see some of the blood vessels and nerves.

    01:57 More anteriorly, over the maxillary portion, we have the greater palatine artery and more posteriorly over the palatine bone area, we have the lesser palatine artery.

    02:08 Similarly, we have the greater palatine nerve over the anterior portion and the lesser palatine nerve over the posterior portion.

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    Darren Salmi, MD, MS

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