Pain Medications: Opioids – NCLEX Review (Nursing)

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:00 Okay, are you ready? We are. Head into the speed round cuz we're almost done.

    00:05 Let's take a look at pharmacology in pain control.

    00:08 First up, pain is what a patient says it is.

    00:11 So whether they're a child, if you're using inappropriate scale, whatever number they tell you, you treat pain based on what they report.

    00:20 Not by what you think but what the patient says it is.

    00:24 After you give any pan medication, your job is to reassess and respond appropriately.

    00:29 So give it then make sure you reassess and respond appropriately.

    00:33 Get some type of measurement before you give the pain medicine so you have another measurement to compare it with after you give it.

    00:39 Now, naloxone or Narcan is what we give to reverse an overdose of opioids.

    00:45 Now, the opioid triad, pinpoint pupils, respiratory depression, and loss of consciousness.

    00:51 Make sure you recognize those. That's a bad triad, right? That's a bad sign. A sign of opioid overdose.

    00:59 Pinpoint pupils, respiratory depression, or loss of consciousness.

    01:03 So you see our icon up there. There's more to come.

    01:06 These are great summary slides for you to remember and look for in exam questions.

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    The lecture Pain Medications: Opioids – NCLEX Review (Nursing) by Prof. Lawes is from the course NCLEX Pharmacology Review (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Naloxone
    2. Dantrolene
    3. Protamine sulfate
    4. Flumazenil
    1. Pinpoint pupils
    2. Respiratory depression
    3. Loss of consciousness
    4. Dilated pupils
    5. Kussmaul respirations

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