Pharmacological Pain Management

by Jill Beavers-Kirby

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    Hi! My name is Jill Beavers-Kirby. And today, we’re going to be talking about pharmacological pain management. So, we’re going to be covering the theories of pain, nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, nursing plans, and interventions for pain management, nursing assessment of the pain relief techniques. So, what is pain? Pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is. Pain often goes untreated and unrecognized. Healthcare professionals often think that the client is going to become addicted to pain medication. A client’s response to pain is often determined by several factors. Pain is either acute or chronic. So, theories of pain. There are basically two theories of pain. One is the gate control theory. This involves the peripheral nerves and the spinal cord. Pain is sensed by the peripheral nerves, travels along the impulses through these nerve fibers, and picked up by the synapses of the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. These synapses act like gates. When closed, they block the pain impulses. When open, they allow the impulses to be felt. Large nerve fibers, like those stimulated by the head such as things like cold or when you get a back rub, are those that sense these pain fibers. A bombardment of these large fibers is what makes us feel this pain. The other theory of pain is the endorphin and enkephalin theories. Endorphins are naturally occurring stimulis that occur inside of us all. You’ve often of the runner’s high. People that run long distance often release the endorphins. Runners get these endorphins that act like opioids stimuli and block certain pains. These are the body supply of natural neuropeptides which are opioid-like substances, and they are composed of amino acids. When our body releases endorphins, they block pain. These are secreted in the central nervous system and help...

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    The lecture Pharmacological Pain Management by Jill Beavers-Kirby is from the course Physiological Integrity. It contains the following chapters:

    • Pain Management
    • Nursing Assessment
    • Nursing Diagnoses
    • Invasive and Noninvasive Methods

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    Jill Beavers-Kirby

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