PA Catheter Removal (Nursing)

by Corey Hardin

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    00:01 Next, let's talk about how to remove the PA catheter.

    00:04 Before we do anything to remove the PA catheter, we need to make sure that we have no air left in that balloon.

    00:11 If there's air in the balloon and we withdraw the PA catheter, we may cause damage to the valves.

    00:17 In order to remove the air, just disconnect the syringe from the catheter and allow all of the air to come out.

    00:24 Next, we're going to place the client in a supine position and face their head away from the catheter site.

    00:30 This is to make sure that when we take off the transparent dressing we're not introducing any bacteria to the site.

    00:36 Turn the stopcock off to the client or turn them up and discard any of the intravenous solutions and flushes with that.

    00:45 Make sure to wear a mask and face shield or goggles.

    00:48 Because when you withdraw that PA catheter, you may have some blood that flicks on to you.

    00:54 Remove the old dressing and unlock the sheath from the introducer.

    00:59 Now to minimize the risk of a venous air embolus, make sure the client takes a deep breath and holds it.

    01:05 Once they're holding, just gently pull that PA catheter out while you're securing the introducer with your other hand.

    01:12 The introducer will have stitches, keeping it in but if you don't secure it, it can cause pain and may get pulled out as well.

    01:22 Once it's out, view the catheter tip to make sure everything is intact.

    01:27 Then you're going to make sure to clean the introducer insertion site with a chlorhexidine wand.

    01:34 Then you're going to have a blue cap that goes on top of the introducer and you're going to place a new chlorhexidine dressing over the introducer site.

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Supine with the head away from the catheter site.
    2. Prone with the head away from the catheter site.
    3. High fowlers with the head towards the catheter site.
    4. Trendelenburg with the head towards the catheter site.

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