OMM Treatment: Soft Tissue

by Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

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    00:01 Soft tissue techniques generally involve kneading, traction, and inhibition.

    00:06 So let me show you how I do some soft tissue techniques on his neck.

    00:12 You find the muscle mass, look for any signs of swelling, any area of tender points or trigger points, and then you just generally move up and down the body of the muscle— helping lymphatic return, helping blood return, and kneading.

    00:36 Then you apply some traction and this will help enhance motion and help with the biomechanics.

    00:52 That’s the soft tissue technique.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture OMM Treatment: Soft Tissue by Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP is from the course Introduction to Osteopathic Treatment.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Increased lymphatic return and improved motion
    2. Decreased lymphatic return
    3. Contraction
    4. Decreased motion
    5. Inhibition of muscles

    Author of lecture OMM Treatment: Soft Tissue

     Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

    Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

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