OMM Treatment: Myofascial Release

by Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

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    00:01 Myofascial manipulation is a type of soft tissue manipulation.

    00:05 It can be direct or indirect whereas most soft tissue is direct.

    00:08 With myfascial, you want to see which way the fascia lets you move a person’s body and you go in that direction.

    00:15 And where you have freedom of movement, you move it more and take up the motion to help enhance functioning.

    00:24 So myofascia of this tissue is finding where we can go easily, where the fascia of the tissue underneath the skin is stuck and not moving, and then going and trying to pull it different ways.

    00:39 I generally put 3 to 4 pounds of pressure to get pass the skin, so I can feel the fascial planes and which way is ease of motion and which way motion might be restricted.

    00:54 That is myofascial manipulation.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture OMM Treatment: Myofascial Release by Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP is from the course Introduction to Osteopathic Treatment.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Direct and indirect
    2. Active and passive
    3. Retraction and extension
    4. Deep and superficial
    5. Medial and lateral

    Author of lecture OMM Treatment: Myofascial Release

     Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

    Tyler Cymet, DO, FACOFP

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