Occipital Bone

by Darren Salmi, MD, MS

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    00:02 Here's an inferior view so we can look at the occipital bone.

    00:06 And the occipital bone has a basilar part anteriorly.

    00:11 Then lateral parts.

    00:12 And then most posteriorly we have the squamous or flat parts.

    00:17 And this is where we find the foramen magnum.

    00:20 The opening through which the brainstem becomes the spinal cord.

    00:26 If we look internally.

    00:28 We see there's this flat portion of the basilar part called the clivus.

    00:33 And there's a groove for another sinus here called the inferior petrosal sinus.

    00:38 And we flip around to the external surface.

    00:41 We see a tubercle for some pharyngeal muscles to attach called the pharyngeal tubercle.

    00:48 There's also a little groove here for the sigmoid sinus.

    00:53 And externally we have bumps for the attachment to the atlas called the occipital condyles.

    00:59 Again this is the part that's going to rest on the vertebral column.

    01:03 We also have a condylar canal.

    01:06 And a hypoglossal canal for structures to pass through.

    01:12 Internally, we have this cruciform eminence where these vertically and horizontally oriented bumps meet.

    01:22 And this is we're going to have little fossa for the cerebrum on either side left or right.

    01:28 We also more inferiorly of fossa for the cerebellum, which is the smaller portion of the brain.

    01:36 And again, we have groups for dural venous sinuses in this case we have the superior sagittal sinus here.

    01:41 And running transversely the group for the transverse sinuses.

    01:47 On the internal surface where these two groups meet is a bump called the internal occipital protuberance.

    01:55 And then the crest that runs from that is called the internal occipital crest.

    02:02 We swim around to the external surface.

    02:04 We have the corresponding external occipital protuberance.

    02:09 So that's a bumped you can feel on the outer surface of the occipital bone.

    02:14 And similarly, running from that is the external occipital crest.

    02:19 The flat part above that is the occipital plane.

    02:23 And then running laterally from the midline we have the inferior nuclear line.

    02:27 Which is this attachment point for a lot of muscles.

    02:31 We also have superior nuclear line.

    02:32 And supreme nuclear line doing similar things.

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Mastoid process
    2. Clivus
    3. Pharyngeal tubercle
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    5. Cruciform eminence
    1. Cruciform eminence
    2. Clivus
    3. Pharyngeal tubercle
    4. Occipital condyle
    5. Occipital trochlea

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    Darren Salmi, MD, MS

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